Paraspigolo PS40SS-PS50SS-PS75SS Teknedil
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Corner guard PS40SS-PS50SS-PS75SS Teknedil

Corner guard PS40SS-PS50SS-PS75SS, with 40 - 50 and 75 mm wing, consisting of an extruded polymer profile of Ethyl 7045 ET Teknedil with the following characteristics: thickness 2-2.5 mm, coloring in the mass of the product, surface in embossed view, homologation of the Italian Ministry of the Interior with BS2D0 class according to the European standard EN 13501 according to the Italian DM 10-03-2005 (implementation of regulation EU 305/2011), homologation of the Ministry of the Interior with fire reaction class 1 (Ministerial Decree 26/06/1984), absence of bacterial growth and mold growth, material resistant to the main products for cleaning and sanitizing environments, characterized by high impact resistance and high elasticity. Ethyl 7045 ET Teknedil polymer contains no heavy metals. Assembly with adhesives. The product is part of the regulation for construction products (EU 305/2011), in compliance with Legislative Decree 106 of 16/06/2017, the material is accompanied by the required documentation of the DoP and the CE label.


Corner protection. Suitable for all furnishings.


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