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Hospital series - Label

HERMETIC SEAL AUTOMATIC DOORS - EVH-E are the new automatic doors by LABEL of the HOSPITAL range. Coupled with the new dedicated line of profiles LB-H, the EVH and EVH-E automatisms provide a seal and hermetic seal closing system realized to meet any specific requirement. EVH-E has been designed to operate in hospital environments where low noise, safety and hygiene are essential. EVH-E has undergone hermeticity testing according to the EN1026 standards, achieving class 2 in positive pressure and class 4 in negative pressure conditions.

SIMPLE SEAL AUTOMATIC DOORS - The EVH automatic doors are designed to meet the most stringent application requirements. The capacities up to Kg 360 enable to use panels for radiology environments; EVH is provided with specific safety systems to control the passage opening. All the operators of the series EVH are used with the profile systems of the series LB-H and panels in laminate and stainless steel.

AUTOMATIC SWING DOORS - The swing doors of the series Hospital by Label are an effective technical solution of environments with limited space. The Neptis operators can be equipped with all the types of panels and profiles of the series LB-H. Safety systems such as sensors and barriers make these passages suitable for Health environments.

The Hospital door Systems by Label are equipped with all the panels and accessories provided by modern technology: laminates, stainless steel, porcelain antibacterial steel, glasses with specific noise reduction features. The telescopic intrados system of the LB-H profiles has been created to house special safety barriers which provide safety for the entire passage opening. The Vision panel of the LB-H panel is coplanar with the panel and can be provided in different dimensions and shapes, even with x-ray protection. The handles, featuring different types and materials, complete the range of our panels.

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