Teknedil was founded in 1989

TEKNEDIL srl's story begins at the end of the eighties, in the industrial area of Pistoia, in Tuscany.

Under the guidance of its Director Alvaro Cappellini, the Company starts the marketing of products and aids for disabled people, handrails, bathroom furniture and gate automatisms. Over the years TEKNEDIL has expanded the corporate business moving also to the production and marketing of wall protections and the marketing and installation of door automatisms, reaching high quality standards on all its products.

Over time, it has consolidated its activity at a national level, achieving the Uni En ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Cappellini Alvaro

Today's Teknedil

Still improving.

In 2018 Elisabetta Cappellini becomes the chief of the company. Thanks to the solid foundations of the company, the process follows the path already started for the technical consolidation of products and their commercial development.

Always loyal to its founding values, today's Teknedil still works actively in respect of the market, with customer satisfaction as a main goal. For this reason, the company has created and shared a personal BIM platform, making its products digitally available.

Ethyl 7045ET

Resin in accordance with European standards.
Designed and manufactured by Teknedil.

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B-s2-d0 Ceritificato

Bs2d0 Ceritificato