Automatismo REVOLUS Label

REVOLUS Automation - Label

Revolus is an operator designed to be installed in escape routes, extremely safe, reliable and easy to install thanks to its innovative technical solutions. The redundant system ensures that, should any component of the main automation system fail, the secondary system takes over and performs the emergency opening of the automatic door. The operator is equipped with a double brushless motor housed in a single casing; this provides greater reliability than a system with two separate motors. The electronic control unit, extremely compact and featuring highly reliable, next-generation components, is equipped with a switching power supply, with a double independent power circuit for motor piloting and with two constantly synchronised microprocessors for input and output management.

Revolus redundant automation for sliding door is provided with the most advanced hardware and software solution to ensure safety and reliability. It rapresents a real evolution in LABEL drives for automatic doors, whereas functional technical aspects are combined with aesthetic design. Revolus is available in two versions, simple and telescopic sliding doors. Can be integrated with LABEL aluminium leaf profiles as well as with a wide selection of profiles, thus fulfilling any customer demand.

For more information, please consult the datasheet.


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